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Psychedelic Bubblegum (Publication date is May 12, 2015) is the story of how Bobby became educated and skilled in the art of walking the razor’s edge as he found his way through his unique and painful trial by fire in the white-hot heat of the entertainment business.  It’s about reaching the summit of fame and fortune and then surviving and thriving after a highly public career collapse. 
By finding his inner polestar, Bobby 
healed his injuries and scars and he is happy to share, with enthusiasm, wisdom and  humor, lessons on how anyone can create the life they want.

In addition to keynote speaking engagements, Bobby has prepared a series of training seminars for teachers and school administrators, university faculties and students, corporations, state and national government bodies and others with messages of Team Building, Creativity, and Unshakable Calmness/Unwavering Vision. 

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Goldmine Mag has a newarticleaboutBoyce & Hart!  It details the adventures of the duo during their time in New York City, writing songs for the Monkees, and updates about the documentary. 

Bobby Hart

The Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart documentary "The Guys who Wrote 'Em" opened to rave reviews at the "Don't Knock the Rock" Film Festival on Thursday, August 11.  Among the luminaries who attended the LA premier wereformer Raider Keith Allison (left), who along with Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith of the Monkees and legendary producer Kim Fowley were featured commentators in the film, and Ron Dante (right).  Dante's flawless performance as the lead singer on the 1969 Song of the Year "Sugar Sugar" and other top ten records along with his roles as co-producer of Barry Manilow hits for nearly a decade and as Tony winning producer of "Ain't Misbehavin' " and "Children of a Lesser God" on Broadway have made Dante a music legend.